When I set out to find a place where I could create a writer’s retreat, I searched many towns and visited countless houses. Something about this particular house struck me as unique before I even arrived– lots of character, a unique little town, a great location near the water– but when I walked in I was hooked. The only thing left in the house other than appliances and fixtures was a sign above the fireplace that said “Welcome to the Hemingway, circa 1900.” Apparently a long line of Hemingways have lived here. Rumors abound as to which ones, but I’m willing to use my imagination!

I am an entrepreneur turned writer. I’m still getting comfortable announcing to the world that I am a writer. Before having a multi-figure publishing contract in hand (IMG_8768heck, any publishing contract), I wasn’t so sure I was entitled to use that word. Here’s the thing. I have never been one to live by someone else’s rules. I find them limiting, sometimes downright debilitating. I became a company President by (co)inventing a company. That experience taught me that anything is possible with enough hard work and positive intent. And now I have finally published by first novel! (more about that at www.kasherbrooke.com) But let’s be honest. Being an artist can be daunting. There is so much beautiful work that gets too little support in the world.

Once I turned my personal attention to writing, I soon discovered that with kids and other humans coming in and out of my kitchen and other distractions abounding, the thing I CRAVED the most was the ability to get away and do nothing but write, write and write. Finding the time is hard enough. Sometimes finding the space is impossible. The perfect spot is often too expensive, or you missed the deadline– by a month. So I created the Hemingway House. If you can find the time, I’d like to offer you the space.