Calendar of Available Dates

I’m now accepting applications for retreats through May 27, 2019!

Applications are available on a rolling basis. If there is space on the calendar– even if it is only a few days away– feel free to apply. I will do my best to get to your application and make it work if possible. Applications are currently being considered for writing retreats from now through Memorial Day of 2019. I will open applications for the fall sometime in May. The house is not available for retreats during the summer months.

Space is availableĀ for a minimum of one week at a time (you can of course choose to use fewer than 7 days, but you will still be charged for a full week). Exceptions will be made only if there is an availability window shorter than a week that works for you.

Check-in is usually atĀ 4pm; Check-out at 10am.

Calendar Key: Green=available: Yellow=changeover day (i.e., someone is leaving that day and you can arrive that day); Red=unavailable

Calendar of Available Dates

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